What is Dinimark?
Read about us at: https://www.dinimark.com/pages/about-us-1

Who can sell on Dinimark? Any businesses that is inspired by someone with a disability. Inspired can mean a few things: a business that was created because of someone with a disability, a business specifically run for a disability such as Down syndrome, etc. If you are curious to see if your business qualifies, please email dinimarketplace@gmail.com

How does shipping work on the marketplace?
The whole website has FREE SHIPPING. Because Dinimark does not fulfill, shipping timelines will vary depending on the vendor.

What is the return policy?
Non-perishable items may be returned according to the vendor’s return policy.

How do I communicate with company who sold me their products?
You can chat directly with the manufacturer of the product or send an email via our e-commerce site.

What method of payments are acceptable?
We accept credit, debit, or PayPal payments.

How can I change my password/account username?
Go to the settings page of your account and select the option to change your username or password. You can also reach out to us for help at Dinimarketplace@gmail.com

What happens after I purchase a product?
You’ll receive an order confirmation with details about your product and the manufacturer.You can also look at the “Your Orders” page on your account.

Can I track my order?
This will vary depending on the vendor’s shipping policy. If they have a tracking ID, they will email you a tracking confirmation.

What happens if I have an issue with my product from Dinimark?
Contact the manufacturer of the product. This can be done on our website through the chat feature or via email. Their email can be found after hours in the chat box or on the “Contact Manufacturer” tab.

Who is liable for defects with my product?
Dinimark  carries no financial or legal liability with any defects, safety issues, or problems in dealing with any product on our platform. All liability will be on the vendor/manufacturer. 

How do I communicate with Dinimark?
If you are experiencing any difficulties, please email dinimarketplace@gmail.com