Company Spotlight



Hi, my name is Melanie, and I’m a mom who’s looking to share the light with other families like mine. My whole life I felt like I had destiny, but I didn’t know what or where it would manifest itself. As I grew through life I started to lose my direction and my inspiration. Met my husband Cody in 2005, got married and had our son, Grady, who was the highlight of my life, but he was growing up and didn’t need me quite as much.

In 2015, Cody and I found out we were expecting again. Through a normal, uneventful– even routine pregnancy, our Gretchen came into the world in a whirlwind. We came home just two days after her birth. Her big, beautiful eyes seemed to look into my soul and pry open a door I myself didn’t even know was closed.

At her first appointment, the doctor told us he suspected a genetic abnormality in Gretchen’s makeup. We went straight to the lab for blood-work and waited the 8 days to get the results, a diagnosis of Trisomy 21, Down Syndrome. From the second she was born, I knew she was a gift from above. I had found my calling. I knew what I had been chosen for, and that’s to be Grady & Gretchen’s mom, and share our lives with others.

In the past four years she has continued to be my inspiration. When I founded Lost Valley Design, it was to share the light my child has brought into our life with others.

Grady has his very own corner of LVD too, where his own creations and inspirations are for sale. He is a kart driving, video game playing, animal loving superhero to his little sister. I am blessed that my children have an amazing love for one another, and their connection is magical to observe.
Lost Valley Design allows me time, space and energy to watch my children grow. As many of you know, the schedules of therapies, doctor’s visit and consultations with specialists are never ending. Today, Grady is in the 5th grade and Gretchen is walking, signing, climbing stairs and keeping all of us on our toes!

I want to share all those warm fuzzies and inspiration that my kids give me with the world. I want other families to feel special, feel blessed like I do, even if it’s just with words on a t-shirt :)