Live like Macy

Live like Macy

My best friend is named Macy. She loves to sing, dance, watch movies and color. She is kind, brave, silly, loving, sassy, smart and talented. She also happens to have Down syndrome. Macy has shown me that life's beauty is found not in materialistic items, but in the beauty of enjoying the little moments every day. The tingly feeling of soda on the tip of your tongue, watching the sunset on your favorite hike, hugging your baby brother goodnight, sun trickling through the trees, ice cream dripping down your face, the yellow of the sunflowers on the way to your grandmother's house, the tiny tongue of a puppy licking your feet; all precious miracles that are taken for granted.

As a society especially conditioned to be driven by materialistic items we often forget that true happiness is obtained through having genuine relationships with people and enjoying the little miracles and beautiful moments of everyday. Macy has opened my eyes to this immeasurable beauty. She loves everything and everyone with an unconditional love that washes away hate. She doesn’t see people from outward appearance, she loves without constraint regardless and is concerned with the contents of one's heart and soul. A type of ferocious love that can change the world and ignite a passion for people. This type of love is lacking in a world that thrives on artificial relationships and hopes in worldly things. 

Some people view Macy as her disability, but truly she is able to offer the world a new set of eyes if only we all took the time to see her beautiful perspective and love each other just a little more ferociously. I challenge you to try and see with a new set of eyes, ones that are forgiving, loving and see the earth’s beauty instead of its flaws. I challenge you to love all God’s people fearlessly and ferociously. I challenge you to Live like Macy.

Anela Kinkade is a a freshman at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. She plans on majoring in special education and hopes to one day start a nonprofit or business to help kids with disabilities. 

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