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Every individual who has Down Syndrome is impacted in various ways.

One of the most important things to remember: either way, that individual is still a person.

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As a society especially conditioned to be driven by materialistic items we often forget that true happiness is obtained through having genuine relationships with people and enjoying the little miracles and beautiful moments of everyday...

Some people view Macy as her disability, but truly she is able to offer the world a new set of eyes if only we all took the time to see her beautiful perspective and love each other just a little more ferociously.

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"I have Down syndrome."

Of course, this student did not have Down syndrome, and he sometimes was a behavior problem in class. I wasn't sure whether he was truly confused, or he was just trying some attention-seeking behaviors. I stayed quiet for about ten seconds, searching for a response.

"Why do you say that, my friend?"

"Because it takes me longer to do a lot of stuff.  Everyone in the class can read better than me."

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